Oxford Worker Justice

We seek to build solidarity between workers and students at the university and its constituent colleges to strengthen the movement for fair wages, just working conditions, and respect at the workplace.

Oxford Left Network

The primary aim of OLN is to connect and build the left wing community across Oxford.

Extinction Rebellion

We carry out peaceful, joyful, direct action against Government inaction on climate and ecological catastrophe – ongoing crises that will devastate all of us in the UK through more floods, lethal storms, heatwaves, and droughts.

LGBTQ+ Campaign

The LGBTQ+ Campaign is the political campaigning arm of Oxford’s queer community.

Common Ground

We aim to make issues of race, class, and colonialism a central part of discourse, discussion,
conversation and action within the University of Oxford and the wider city.

Oxford Public Philosophy

A journal space for critically questioning what philosophy is and how we’re doing it, in form and content.

Oxford Against Schwarzman

Mounting opposition to the University of Oxford’s decision to accept £150 million from Stephen A. Schwarzman — co-founder and Chairman of Blackstone — in order to build the “Stephen A. Schwarzman Centre for the Humanities”.

Uncomfortable Oxford

An academic-led organisation dedicated to raising awareness about the ‘uncomfortable’ aspects of history – racial inequality,  gender and class discrimination, and legacies of empire.

We Own It

Campaigning against privatisation and for 21st century public ownership. We believe public services belong to all of us – from the NHS to schools, water to energy, rail to Royal Mail, care work to council services.

It Happens Here

Dedicated to moving towards a society free from sexual violence through education, support, advocacy and outreach.

Oxford Against Immigration Detention

Oxford-based campaign to stop immigration detention and deportation, and repeal racist anti-immigration laws. The successor to the Close Campsfield campaign.


SPEAK is a grassroots animal rights group currently campaigning to end the use of animals in research carried out by Oxford University.

Oxford UCU

Oxford University’s branch of the University and College Union.