Radical Seminars and Discussion Groups

Academia can be a difficult space to navigate. In the context of the neo-liberalised university, academic spaces can feel closed off to students, and not reflective of the diversity of radical thought that is occurring within the university. As a result, we have sought to draw attention to some of the spaces for radical thought within the university. 


Theory4Thotz is a feminist theory reading group open to absolutely anyone. It’s a super chilled, low-commitment space – you don’t have to read anything and you can drop in and out of session whenever it works for you! We put the group together to try to facilitate accessible and relaxed conversations about feminist theory and academia and to have fun.

We will be running zoom sessions weekly (TBC – but most likely Thursday 4.30-6pm). Each week we provide short, optional readings on all of our social media of different texts and discuss them in the session. We also provide reading summaries online and in the session, so everyone is welcome regardless of how much or how little they have read. 

You can find us @theoryhoes on instagram and twitter. You can also like our facebook page: @Theory4Thotz. 

Oxford Critical Theory Seminar: 

The Critical Theory seminar brings critical thinkers to Oxford to give weekly talks in Hilary term. Speakers hail from a range of disciplinary backgrounds (including political theory, sociology, anthropology, literature, geography, and philosophy), but they share a commitment to using their scholarship to critique power hierarchies. All are welcome. The schedule for Hilary term 2021 has not been set yet because of COVID, but the seminar has traditionally run on Thursdays at 5 pm at All Souls College. Please contact Sarah Bufkin (sarah.bufkin@all-souls.ox.ac.uk) if you are interested in being added to the mailing list.

Oxford Public Philosophy: 

OPP is a new philosophy journal run by an intercollegiate and interdepartmental group of undergraduate students. Our aim is to broaden the reach of philosophical discourse at Oxford and our discussion groups are one of the main ways to achieve that. Our discussions depend on spotlighting typically underrepresented voices. We believe this practice has the power to unveil contradictions which underlie dominant assumptions, and ultimately contributes to more useful and engaged philosophical discussions which reflect the interests of an increasingly diverse student and staff body. 

We welcome people from all academic backgrounds with an interest in philosophy to attend our discussion groups to participate and learn more about various philosophical traditions. In this academic year, we shall be focusing on Africana and Asian Philosophy. At least in Michaelmas, the discussion groups will be held through weekly Zoom sessions, most probably every Thursday at 5-6:30pm. 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oxfordpublicphilosophy/

Website: https://www.oxfordpublicphilosophy.com/


Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/PhiliminalityOxford 

Website: https://philiminalityoxford.wordpress.com/ 

Contact: philiminality.ox@gmail.com 

Philiminality Oxford is a student-run platform for cross-cultural and interdisciplinary philosophy. We discuss philosophical ideas, thinkers, and approaches which are frequently marginalized in both Anglo-American and “continental” academic circles. We engage with broader horizons of what it means to do philosophy by discussing intersectional perspectives on brands of thought from across the world. We also recognize the value of exploring how philosophical issues interrelate with other disciplines, such as politics, theology, sociology, classics, history, psychology and natural science. We welcome contributions from graduate students and early career academics on our panels. Our events are all open to everyone, whether you are interested in the basic day-to-day relevance of philosophical questions, through to the conditions for a more global approach to philosophy.


footnotes is an informal discussion group focusing on literary theory. Our sessions involve conversation about a few pages of pre-reading, but doing the reading is entirely optional and anyone can come along! This Michaelmas, we will either operate through zoom or in socially distanced gatherings, depending on the circumstances. 

We set up footnotes during lockdown as a way of pursuing our interests in the more theoretical/philosophical writings around literature (what is loosely termed literary theory) dating from the late nineteenth century through to the present day. We’re both going into our second year studying English Language and Literature, so the aim is to create a community of people to learn with and from. The group mainly focuses on literature, but we are very invigorated by cross-disciplinary discourse and everyone is welcome however much they might know.

we run through facebook: https://www.facebook.com/footnotes-106529027787549/ 

we have a group where we share zoom links for sessions (for security reasons we don’t share these on the main page), which you can join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/280146023430521